I’M ADOPTED! Foster momma and poppa went on vacation and I went to my new furever home. They miss me, but I’m having a blast. Woo, hoo!

Bubba Rex (a.k.a. Dexter 66007)

Hi, my shelter name is Dexter and my ID number is 66007 … that’s six-six double oh seven, but you can call me Rex, Bubba Rex.

I came to the shelter a while ago with a really bad case of deemoodax, deem, de … oh, heck, it’s mange. Yes, I have had mange, but it wasn’t the kind that’s contagious so you don’t have to worry about yourself or any other doggeh brothers and sisters I might need to meet. The cool foster coordinator found me a really nice foster family to stay with while I take my medicine (Yep, still on the medicine for one more month.) and get better. Foster Momma and Foster Pop say I look great and Momma is just tickled that I turned out to be a redhead like her.

Anyway, I’m about a year old, have long legs, big paws, soulful eyes and wrinkly jowels. I guess I need one of those genie tests, ’cause everyone has a different guess about what I am. Momma says my breed is All American Dog. J said I probably have some Boxer in me ’cause of the point on the top of my head. Momma and some of her other friends agree ’cause they say I play like a Boxer – whatever that means. Pop had a big book of dogs out the other night and he says I must also have some Mastif in me. I looked at the picture with him and I think I do have that regal look to me.

I’m not too wild still being a puppy and all, but I do need to work on not “mouthing” my pack. Momma and I are working on that – still I’m very gentle when I do it and stop when Momma tells me to, well, when I know she’s serious about it. I like going on walks and play fetch. Momma says one of her favorite things is I cuddle up with her on the couch – her and Pop even got a new couch so that we could all be there together. Even Pop gets all mushy when I lay my head in his lap for a little snooze.

I’m not sure how much I weigh – funny, hoomans are always so concerned with that – but Momma says that I was too skinny when I came to live with them so she’s also been feeding me lots of good food and treats. It’s been doing some good too ’cause I’m filling out and looking more handsome every day.

Momma says we need to get out and meet more people. I’ve liked the neighbors we’ve met, but Momma says I need to learn when to bark and when not too. She tells me I have a nice loud, deep bark to tell people who don’t belong at our house that I’m there to keep an eye on them.

Well, Momma will post more good stories about me so keep reading afureverfamily.wordpress.com and pass it around to all your friends. I’m looking for my furever family and I just know they’re out there somewhere.

If you think you and I are meant to be family, please email Foster Momma at afureverfamily@yahoo.com or contact the Wake County Animal Center by emailing them at animalcontrol@wakegov.com. Remember to them I’m Dexter #66007.

Love ya’ll,


1 thought on “BUBBA REX

  1. He is JUST Beautiful and sounds like a fabulously wonderful doggie. I bet I would adore him just as much as I do my last rescue/adoptee, a Lab/Amstaff mix now named Oakley. Oakley is about 80 pounds of muscle and a powerful dog, however still knows how to not overwhelm the old man of the house, a 25 pound Rat Terrier named Dakota. Dakota runs things (well, after me…of course). It is great having a PACK of well-adjusted dogs. I enjoy watching them play and enjoy playing with them. Snuggle times are even better.

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