ADOPTED … by us!

Yep, we couldn’t do it. We couldn’t let go of her. She was just so sweet and we felt her timid nature would make her a good dog for me to continue fostering. We’ve taken our Canine Good Citizenship test – and passed! – and we are now currently taking a therapy dog class in the hopes that we can one day volunteer at the local VA hospital. We’ve had two foster dogs since her becoming a permanent member of the family and she had done great with both of them. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog … even though she’s not a Pit Bull or Chow Chow. 😉

Jewel drew the short straw in her previous family and was surrendered to the Wake County Animal Center because her owner could no longer afford all of the dogs he had. Her first foster home didn’t work out because the alpha dog in the house decided to launch himself over his momma’s lap and attack Jewel. She defended herself, which brought her back to the WCAC to await a behavior assessment.

Charlie and I had just handed our timid little Sookie over to her new parents and I wanted to bring another dog home immediately. J asked the kennel staff about the dogs in isolation (ISO) who might fit into our family. Jewel was the first one we looked at, but we both fell for her sweet timid nature and that was that.

She’s about two years old and a Shepherd mix. J thinks she has some Whippet or Greyhound – her body is shaped like the Whippet’s, but her fur, nose, and coloring are more that of a Shepherd. She has four white socks and a long white-tipped tail that whips back and forth with happiness.

Everything else we’ll have to learn as we go along … ‘cause you can’t tell much after just one night.

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