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Rescue Only

rescue, pittie, pit bull, dog, shelter pup
Khayla (WCAC ID: 79856)

I’ve been off my game when it comes to blogging about Kay-Kay, but then again in some ways Kay-Kay has been off her game.

It has become apparent that she will always have skin issues. What I thought was an anal gland problem that needed attention was really just a just a bug bite (or something) that stays aggravated because she keeps licking it. Every few days we have to wipe her paw pads down with some medicated shampoo because when she gets itchy she licks her paws until they get a yeast infection. As you can see here – Kay-Kay’s infected foot – that wasn’t pretty.

Currently we’re trying to control her general itchiness with Benadryl and it seems to help some, but I feel so bad when she stands up and scratches and scratches.

With all this going on the vet at the shelter decided to put her on “rescue only” status. They are hoping we can find a rescue organization that’s a little farther north so she can get away from some of those things that make her itch. Plus they could more thoroughly evaluate potential adopters to make sure they realize what they are getting themselves into.

If you are or know a rescue that would be interested in this sweet girl, email me at afureverfamily@yahoo.com.

Cat Dog!

Yep, we have another cat dog on our hands.

dog, pet, adoptable, shelter, pittie, sweet cuddler
Khayla (WCAC ID: 79856)

While I was showering Kay-Kay disappeared off the bed – and as I rounded the corner, this is how I found her making a bed out of a pile of clothes that foster papa had cleaned out of his closet.

dog, pet, adoptable, shelter, Pittie, sweet cuddler
Such a sweet face …
If you want this beauty to snuggle up in your laundry pile, email me at afureverfamily@yahoo.com.