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I’m done with why. Why did this animal end up at the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC)? Why did their owner surrender this sweetheart? I’m done with it because the stories/reasons/excuses are either going to tear out my heart or make me want to punch someone in the throat.

Monday night I spent a little time with each of these darlings – falling in love with each.

Gladys (136850) – she gave me the Ruby look so I had to take her picture. She’s got a deposit – woo hoo! She’s super skinny and despite having just arrived that day she was all wiggles. She wasn’t looking for pets, just someone to be with her – and get a bite – and sit next to you – and get a drink – and come back to sit next to me.

Socks (136504) – a distinguished gentleman of 13 years looking to be your one and only fur baby.

Nesquick (136588) – a cute little girl just two years old looking for fun in all the best places.

Oh, my, gosh, Scrappy (136601) broke my heart when she pressed herself in the corner and would not come out. She’d gone from living in a back yard with her doggy sister to being alone in this weird smelling, loud place. She’s become a volunteer fav and is coming out of her shell.

UPDATE: Scrappy has gone to rescue!

Dusty (136527) – a lady of 13 years. Won’t you make her life whole again with a fureverfamily?

Sebastian (136855) – too much of a gorgeous boy to be a stray.

And Clinton (136390) is just your typical happy gentle-treat-taking Pittie. And such a handsome boy!

Okay, I will ask “Why?” Why are you still looking at these pics and not on your way to the WCAC to meet your new best friend?

Cats, Cats, Cats, We Need Cats

No, no, wait ­ that’s wrong ­ the Wake County Animal Center doesn’t need any cats. We have lots and lots of cats at the shelter and in foster homes.

We have big cats…

Zia (ID: 133559)
Zia (ID: 133559)


We have little cats…

Abby (ID: 133459)


We have girl cats…

Pixie (ID: 131944)


We have boy cats…

Henry (ID: 124534)


We have old cats…

Shtanley Cavendish (ID: 131669)


We have kittens…

Olive (ID: 133183) & Harry (ID: 133048)


We have itty-bitty hissy-spitty kittens…

Gabriella, along with her brothers Gus & Gentry,  are in foster until they get a little older.


We have bonded sisters that must always be adopted together…

Saffie  & Maggie have been rescued.
Saffie & Maggie have been rescued.

Why do I bring this up, you ask? It’s because June is Adopt-­a-­Shelter Cat and you need a cat.

Why do you need a cat?

Cats are cute.

Dominic James (ID: 132595)


Cats are cool.

Justice (ID: 132579)


Cats are evil aliens from outer space.

My Tic Tac #wcacalum
My Tic Tac #wcacalum


Cats provide a focus for a meditative state.

Star (ID: 132357)


Cats are cuddly… with pointy edges.

Asiago (ID: 120848)
Asiago (ID: 120848)


Cats are just particularly peculiar dogs.

Bagel (ID: 132365)

Please check out all the cats and kittens looking for their furever homes at click on WCAC and filter for cats.

Do Something

I get into ruts, whether it’s eating, exercising, or volunteering at the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC). I go to bed telling myself that tomorrow I’m going to do something.

Last night after work I went to the WCAC to take pictures of some of the newer arrivals. It’s what I can do. Sometimes, especially when you see all that others are doing, it can feel like you’re being a real slacker. You need to ignore that voice because the combined effort of all our little works will make this world a better place. So do something – anything – even that small thing of sharing this blog post to promote these precious ones looking for their furever homes.

Ebony is an adorable smallish dog who was surrendered yesterday because her owners felt they could no longer take proper care of her. She’s six and a half years old. She’s a bit standoffish, but I can see sweetness and cuddles just below the surface waiting to spring forward when she finds that furever family she can trust again.

Sis is just three months old. She and her Bro came in as strays so it will be a few days before they’re officially available for adoption. Such a sweet little thing, just looking for that furever person who will love and train her.

Such a happy girl! Pixie is two years old and a perfect sized Pittie mix. And who doesn’t love a redhead? You know, every picture I took of this girl was fabulous, except the ones where she was a blur happiness.

Bebop’s kennel card says “I Heart Treats.” She does. A five-year-old girl with a lot of bounce who loves treats. Just imagine all the cool tricks she can learn being so treat motivated.

I have a friend who loves an underbite, so of course I had to take a photo op with Kiera. She’s seven years old and heartworm positive. She needs her furever family. I didn’t get a picture of her tail, but it just adds to her look of being part piggy.

Looking for a cat, but don’t like cats? Asiago is the boy for you, ‘cause he don’t want no stinkin’ cats in his furever family either. He’s six years old, but still a total ham.

Saffie and Megan didn’t have much to say to me. Then again, if I was a cat who was surrendered just a couple of days ago at 14 years of age I don’t think I’d be greeting every big head that came up to my cozy little cubby either.

And I ended with an oddity, a kitten who didn’t have an adoption pending sign on his kennel card. It’s rather curious. He is a super cutie and was very intrigued by the feather toy I used to play with him. Jimmy is just eight weeks old and has the coolest whiskers and eyebrows!

Share my post. Go down to the WCAC. They’re open daily from noon until 6 PM. Click HERE and become a volunteer – somebody had to cuddle these sweeties. Like the Friends of Wake County Animal Center Facebook page to hear about all the little (and big) things you can do to be part of the solution.

A Little Extra Help

I really thought that I would only be stepping outside of my comfort zone last week, but JD asked me to help with pics for dogs, and kittens, that needed to find a foster or rescue to take them in. A couple of hording cases had filled up the back rooms.

Luna (ID: 118986)

An elderbull, this sweet girl is a nine-year-old owner surrender. She has some masses on her body and needs socialization. The kennel atmosphere is not good for her as she spends her days shaking from all the crazy barking around her.

Chase (ID: 118989)

Chase is a four-year-old Terrier mix who needs to find rescue because he is very nervous and protective of his space.

Update: Chase’s freedom ride to foster care!

Thanks PRB for fostering!
Thanks PRB for fostering!

Moseyin Posey (ID: 119119) & Zero (ID: 119121)

These two adorable little Beagles are looking for foster or rescue to have someplace to heal from their skin issues. Posey is a six-year-old female, while Zero is a four-year-old male.

Update: Zero has gone in to foster care. Woot!

Zero's freedom ride to PRB's.
Zero’s freedom ride to PRB’s.

Ninja Nancy (ID: 119019)

Nancy is a 10-year-old Lhasa Apso mix who needs a rescue because of dental disease. She was quite the cutie begging treats and looking for attention.

Samari Steve (ID: 119020)

Nancy’s friend Steve is an eight-year-old Shih Tzu mix. He has dental disease and could use a spa day as well. He also needs someone who can work with him on being handled and put on a leash – time, treats, and patience.

Ryder (ID: 119148)

He just wanted to cuddle up in JD’s arms. He’s a two-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mix who needs some time to heal from some skin issues. Okay, and maybe a spa day or two.

Santana (ID: 118968)

He has some beautiful markings and just needs someplace to land to let some of his skin issues heal. Oh, right, he’s a four-year-old Boxer mix.

Veronica (ID: 119122)

OMG, what an adorable pup! She’s a six-month-old AmStaff mix who got a booboo on her face during the ride to the shelter. She just needs a place to recover and lots of snuggle time. And a little training would be good for her too.

Tracy (ID: 119128)

The night I met her was her first night at the shelter. She was so frightened and stressed out. She has gone in to foster. You can tell from just this one pic how much happier this one-year-old Border Collie mix is.

Update: Tracy looking happy in her new foster home.

Thanks LD for fostering this girl!
Thanks LD for fostering this girl!

Take Action

Now let’s talk serious.

The Wake County Animal Center’s strong foster program, but more fosters are always needed. If you’d like to become a part of this family, and it is a family, please click on the following link – WCAC Foster Program – and fill out the foster application in its entirety. Once she’s had a chance to review your app, JD will be in touch to set up an orientation.



As always, you can learn more about all the sweeties needing homes by going to the WCAC Adoption Gallery web page and browsing all those adorable mugs. You’ll find out particulars and some insights in their bios.

The WCAC is open seven days a week from noon to 6:00 PM. Stop by and see who needs you and who you need.

Welcome to Caterazzi

Sometimes when you’ve been out of the game for a while you feel, well, off your game. So, I decided to change my game.

Kitten season is in full swing. They’re coming in by the box full, but we’ve also been getting in lots of adult cats. Just check out this FB post from last week.

WCAC Cat Crisis

Batman (ID: 117128)

He’s a seven-year-old male. His fur is velvety and he just wants to rub his head in your hand.

Momo (ID: 117586)

Doesn’t this eight-year-old boy have a regal look to him? He needs a home with a throne.

Sancer (ID: 117903)

Just a slip of a girl. Probably around a year old. I just love her white whiskers!

Rhonda-Lucious (ID: 117995)

Love how this six pound, three-year-old female Main Coon fluffs up.

Chance (ID: 118173)

Is it too cheesy to say “Give this 15-year-old sweet girl a soft place to land in her elder years”? BTW: I would have never guessed she was that old as I played with her for her photo shoot.

Cinnamon (ID: 118231)

She’s nine years old and doesn’t she look just beautiful?

Brody (ID: 118292)

This eight-year-old boy has that “been around the world” look and is ready to just be home with family.

Brian (ID: 118294)

Like his brother, they’ve traveled the world and just want a home now. Brian is eight years old as well.

Penelope (ID: 118364)

A little girl who, at a year old, still has a whole lot of kitten fun left in her.

Handsome Hendricks (ID: 118365)

Such a pretty boy. He’s three years old and looking for a lady to love.

Gretta (ID: 118374)

She’s eight years old and only weighs six pounds. Such a sweet thing needs sweet love and good food, from you.

Albert (ID: 118379)

Big and fluffy. He’s eight and looking for a furever place to crash.

Donovan (ID: 118381)

This is Donovan. He’s three years old and weighs 11 pounds. He doesn’t look too pleased ’cause I woke him from his post-dinner nap.

Trouble (ID: 118417)

At just five pounds and a year old, Trouble is just too big of a name for this sweetie. Besides, look at his innocent look.

Gary (ID: 118637)

I know you’re looking for a distinct looking cat. Who ever thought you could find that in a common black cat, but Gary is all that. BTW: He’s three years old and weighs about 12 pounds.

Stewie (ID: 118642) & Brian (ID: 118643)

I’d say they’re bonded and need to find a home together. I know they’re giving me the evil eye, but I just love how they are standing together for each other. Both are just nine months of age.

Marley (ID: 118655)

Marley would also have preferred I just let him take his after dinner nap. He’s seven years old.

Mulligan (ID: 118656)

He’s got some handsome coloring. He’s seven years old and needs a nice home where he can get love and healing.

Lorena (ID: 118664)

I didn’t get a chance to look at this two-year-old’s paw pads, but I’m thinking she looks like a Bombay to me.

Shanon (ID: 118691)

A sweet five-year-old boy, but man, it’s that distinctive face that you just fall for.

Karson (ID: 118723)

A big boy, fourteen pounds, and at eight years old you can see the world in his look. I love his look!

Crinkles (ID: 118757)

Such a sweet nine-month-old boy looking for love.

Tyrell (ID: 118765)

He was eating dinner when I stopped by for his photo shoot. I don’t think he was too pleased with me. LOL. He’s three years old and eight pounds.

I can’t believe I finally have all these sweeties posted. Really people. Take responsibility for your pets. Spay and neuter. And if you’re looking for a new family member stop by the Wake County Animal Center and adopt one of our wonderful babies today!

You can learn more about these sweeties by going to the WCAC Adoption Gallery web page and looking up their ID number. You’ll find out all the particulars and some insights in their bios.

The WCAC is open seven days a week from noon to 6:00 PM. Stop by and see who needs you and who you need.

This is Tic Tac

Guest post by Charlie Foote

I’m a cat person. I’m not afraid to admit it. There are probably some men out there who would not admit to such a fact about themselves out of a misguided fear that it means they’re not macho enough. But that’s never bothered me. I figure if the character of Mr. Spock from Star Trek liked cats (and an episode or two of the show seems to bear this out), then I could do worse for a role model. After all, the guy was extremely intelligent, supremely rational, and despite his lack of emotion still drew the admiration of more than one space babe in his time.

All of this is to say that after our last cat, Spice, passed away a few years ago, I eventually wanted to get another cat. I did make myself take a break of about a year and a half before considering getting another one, just to press the reset button on things. But after a while, Suze brought up the idea of fostering a cat from the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC), and I thought that might be a nice transition to eventually having another cat of our own.

We went to the shelter and took a look at the cats who were candidates for fostering. One of the first ones we looked at was a jet-black cat named Tic Tac. One of the volunteers enthusiastically told me I was sure to like Tic Tac as she handed him over to me to hold for a bit. Dude was totally relaxed, sat in my arms, and purred. After a couple of minutes I decided he was the one and we brought him home.

Tic Tac adjusted quickly to life our house and soon was hanging out and enjoying life with us. It turns out Tic Tac was like Kryptonite to my fostering resolve, because I almost immediately knew that I wanted to adopt him. Less than 48 hours later, we made it official and he became a permanent part of our family.

He’s a very cool cat – black like a black panther, with green-gold eyes. He loves to play with the laser pointer, and will even “ask” for it so he can chase that red dot. He can be very chatty sometimes. Our dog Ruby loves to play chase with him, with Tic Tac instigating the play half the time. He’s my buddy. When I come home from work he comes to greet me once the din of our excited dogs dies down, and he runs to my office door in anticipation of me going in there to finish my day’s work from my laptop. He’s very affectionate and quite a character.

Who says black cats are bad luck?

And the Two Shall Become One

In June of 2010 I started writing about my experiences as a canine paparazzo for the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) at http://suzevich.blogspot.com/ and in December 2011 when we decided to become fosters for the WCAC I started my afureverfamily blog. It’s now October 2013 and we are no longer in the fostering “business.” My passion for the lost and discarded has not waned, but with our third “foster failure” I had to agree with my husband that our home has a max capacity of two dogs and one cat.

So, it’s time to combine my rescue marketing efforts and take afureverfamily.com in a new and exciting direction – a place where we talk about animal welfare, rescue and training issues; a place to find resources for our four-footed fur-covered family members; and, of course, a place to tell stories about my own adorable crew. There will still be photos posted of great dogs available for adoption through the WCAC, but I’ll be adding some “long-timer” and foster profiles, too.

I hope you’ll stop back by from time to time. The intake at the shelter doesn’t ever stop, so we continue to dedicate ourselves to doing what we are capable of to help all that cross that threshold.

my three little “foster failures”

From Eating Crow to Lap Napping

Let’s face it: I’ve eaten a lot of crow in my life and so you think I would have learned better. I was so superior – my dogs and cats were on MY schedule; none of this demanding to be fed or getting up early on the weekends in my house.

Yep, as I sit here on my front porch waiting for my foster, Kay Kay, to finish her business, I listen to the quiet of my downtown neighborhood at 3:00 AM and think how un-superior I am with my bed-head and hubby’s robe.

Khayla (WCAC ID: 79856)
Khayla (WCAC ID: 79856)

Kay Kay’s skin issues make her super itchy right now and with Benadryl only doing its job for four hours Kay Kay starts scratching at some point in the night and I know it’s time to dose her. I have gotten smarter and pre-fill a Pill Pocket that I can keep on my nightstand and just roll over to grab instead of having to get up.

Some nights, like tonight, she starts scratching furiously and I hear her get out of bed. I try to coax her back into bed, but several minutes later I hear her bat the bedroom door with her Pittie paw. I’ve tried to wait her out in the past but her stubbornness exceeds my need to get more sleep before work tomorrow. I think my new tactic is going to be to just get up when she jumps out of bed – the scenario ends the same with hopefully a lot less lost sleep for me.

There is one aspect of this pet driven lifestyle that has led to a little ritual with Kay Kay that I quite enjoy.

Kay-Kay & Ruby Playing_20130115_8950

So even if we’ve been out at say, 3:00 AM, at about 5:30 or 5:45 all three of them, Ruby, Kay Kay, and Tic Tac, conspire to start the day. Really, Tic Tac starts it by using the underside of the bed as a scratching post, which gets Ruby bouncing around going after him – at which point all three are just restless and having wrestling matches on top of me.

Kay-Kay & Ruby Playing_20130115_8957 Kay-Kay & Ruby Playing_20130115_8960 Kay-Kay & Ruby Playing_20130115_8961

Again, it’s best just to get up. I let Ruby and Kay Kay out into the yard and as I head back into the house Tic Tac slips out on the porch for some early morning bird watching. I prepare their meds and breakfasts, and bring my CPAP machine out to the living room. They come in and get straight to work on the food while I settle into the recliner with a quilt and my mask.


And here’s the part I like – when Kay Kay finishes she runs in and throws herself in my lap – I love my early morning Kay Kay lap naps – they’re especially great on the weekends when I don’t have to be anywhere in the morning.

Khayla-79856_Droid_Photos & Videos_072407Khayla-79856_Droid_Photos & Videos_084453

So what crazy, pet demanding thing has turned into a sweet little ritual for you?

Khayla-79856_Droid_Photos & Videos_084651