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If it isn’t vampires or werewolves, it’s zombies!

Milton passed another big test last night as far as this family is concerned.

You know how some dogs do great being given free rein in the house as long as they have a canine companion, but if left truly alone they will shred any and every thing in the house? Well, last night Ruby and I had our Therapy Dog training class and foster papa had a band gig. Milton was all by himself (the cat doesn’t count) for about two and a half hours. I made sure to feed him his supper as we headed out the door so there would be less chance of him scrounging for food. When we came back, we found him chillin’ on the couch (allowed in our house) and no damage to the house, its contents, or the cat. He was a model pup. Not that we expected any issues with the cat, but Tic Tac can be kind of a jerk where dogs are concerned.

So, like I’ve been saying, he’s a great dog and you need to click this email address, afureverfamily@yahoo.com, and ask to meet our big lover boy!

Oh, yea, vampires, werewolves, and zombies …

So, the other night my hubby decided we needed to check out the Walking Dead series – RIGHT BEFORE we went to bed. I only closed my eyes once, but that show really can put some tension in your shoulders. Well, we headed off to bed with the dogs in tow and as I lay there in the dark trying to fall asleep and telling myself that I was NOT going to think about what I had just watched, I realized that a 62 pound three-legged dog shuffling across the wood floors of your bedroom SOUNDS just like a zombie. AND when said dog grabs your leg with his one meaty front paw trying to get traction in order to scramble up into bed with you, it feels like a zombie has you!

Milton (WCAC ID: 80000) zombified