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Are you aware October is adopt a shelter pit month?

October is really my favorite month now that I know it’s Pit Bull Awareness Month and Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

My first dog came from a puppy farm (before I really understood what that meant) ‘cause I had fallen in love with a picture of a Chow Chow puppy. Once I got to Raleigh I stared adopting shelter dogs, which has filled my life with wonderful experiences, even the tough ones. I was Labradored, fell in love with bully breeds, and found pups that needed me as much as I needed them.

These cuties are still looking for their furever homes.

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The Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) is open seven days a week from noon until 6 p.m. Stop by and find your soul mate. To meet one of these pups pictured here, go to the WCAC Adoption Gallery for a bio and contact information to get in touch with their foster parents.

National Pit Bull Awareness Day was extended to the entire month of October in 2011. It has increased the time for education and promotion of those that have touched our hearts.

Currently there are some good bully breed mixes at the WCAC that have been patiently waiting for their furever families for a very long time. We will highlight one each day in October so stop by daily.

Hello, I’m Oscar

Hi folks. I didn’t know so many people were in my corner working hard to find me my furever home. They have these people called marketing experts and they thought I needed a new name. I thought Oscar was a great name, but they told me some human had written some crazy name on my forms. Once I told them my name was Oscar, the nice marketing volunteer said she’d take care of it.

Some might say I’m a perfect cat ‘cause I’m friendly but not too clingy and have lived with cats and dogs. You can tell how happy a boy I am ‘cause my tail twitches so hard my butt wiggles like a puppy dog. I also need to speak out against age discrimination: eight is not old, eight is right perfect! No kitten crazies, but plenty of life left in this ol’ boy.

These pics don’t do me justice, and even though the nice lady said she’s gonna do a real photo shoot with me – I think you need to come out to the Knightdale Petco and meet me cat-to-person. Who knows, maybe I could even go home with you right then!


Click here to see all the wonderful animals at the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) looking for their furever homes.

A Name is Never Just a Name

My process for these blog posts is to write something and then my brilliant husband will edit it. And if I have not done it yet at this point, I want to publically thank him for making me sound intelligent. Photos are added after the fact so he never sees the full product until it is published. Last week as he was going through my post and got to the Long Timer Spotlight, I heard a chuckle from the other room and a question as to whether this cat I was talking about was really some nightmarish monster with tentacles – huh? Apparently Ktulu is a Metallica manipulation of Cthulhu, an H. P. Lovecraft cosmic creature of terrifying form.

Ktulu (WCAC ID: 99804)
Ktulu (WCAC ID: 99804)

He’s a cat with a goofy face. He needs a better agent. And so, Charlie and I went by the Knightdale Petco after dinner on Friday night and spent a little time getting to know this cat. We got some pictures and I am posting his story here in the hopes that we can come up with a new name for him – a name that will catch the attention of his furever family.

My submission for a name change is Captain Jack, as in Captain Jack Harkness of Dr. Who and Torchwood. Just like the character, this cat likes girls and boys alike, he wiggles his butt in happiness and is as cute as can be.


But leave comments about who you think this big boy looks like and should be named.

“Ktulu” is available for adoption through the Wake County Animal Center. He is currently hanging out in the PetCo in Knightdale, on Hwy 64 just north of I-540, looking for love. Not only can you visit him there, but they can process the adoption for you and as he’s neutered he can go home with you right away.

Puparazzi Wordless Wednesday

Bryn (WCAC ID: 97551)

Franklin (WCAC ID: 99138)

Reggie (WCAC ID: 99151)

Barnum (WCAC ID: 99694)

Comet (WCAC ID: 99713)

Adonis (WCAC ID: 99778)

These sweeties are available for adoption through the Wake County Animal Center. Click here to check them and all the other wonderful animals out.

Family First

This is Toby.

Toby (WCAC ID: 73329)
Toby (WCAC ID: 73329)

He is a wonderfully sweet and tolerant year-old pittie mix.

He’s had kind of a bumpy go of it lately due to no fault of his own.

Toby_73329_20121231_8896A friend of ours, L, brought Toby home as her first venture into fostering. He got his name when he fell asleep to a Toby Keith song on the way home. The first thing L did when she got Toby home was to give him a bath. He stood there like a perfect little gentleman through the whole thing.

Now L’s own dog, Miss R, was none too excited about having a new “little” foster brother in the house, especially one who was such a big galoot who wanted to bounce and play. But they were working it out and things were going well.

Then last Saturday while L was working to get them both in the house Miss R got loose and ended up being chewed on pretty significantly by a neighborhood dog. By the time L got Toby put up and got back outside she had to pry the snout of the other dog off Miss R.

L and I talked later that night after they had gotten home from the emergency vet. It tore at her heart but she felt that for Miss R’s sake she needed to bring Toby back to the Center.

I know there are lots of ways to think about it, but I’ve always felt that I needed to look after the needs of my family first – then we’ll save the world. Miss R needed to heal in a stress-free environment with her momma’s undivided attention.

Toby (WCAC ID: 73329)
Toby (WCAC ID: 73329)

And Toby needs you to help him find his furever home. He really is a terrific dog. You can email me at afureverfamily@yahoo.com and I’ll put you in touch with L who will happily tell you all about Toby.