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A Name is Never Just a Name

My process for these blog posts is to write something and then my brilliant husband will edit it. And if I have not done it yet at this point, I want to publically thank him for making me sound intelligent. Photos are added after the fact so he never sees the full product until it is published. Last week as he was going through my post and got to the Long Timer Spotlight, I heard a chuckle from the other room and a question as to whether this cat I was talking about was really some nightmarish monster with tentacles – huh? Apparently Ktulu is a Metallica manipulation of Cthulhu, an H. P. Lovecraft cosmic creature of terrifying form.

Ktulu (WCAC ID: 99804)
Ktulu (WCAC ID: 99804)

He’s a cat with a goofy face. He needs a better agent. And so, Charlie and I went by the Knightdale Petco after dinner on Friday night and spent a little time getting to know this cat. We got some pictures and I am posting his story here in the hopes that we can come up with a new name for him – a name that will catch the attention of his furever family.

My submission for a name change is Captain Jack, as in Captain Jack Harkness of Dr. Who and Torchwood. Just like the character, this cat likes girls and boys alike, he wiggles his butt in happiness and is as cute as can be.


But leave comments about who you think this big boy looks like and should be named.

“Ktulu” is available for adoption through the Wake County Animal Center. He is currently hanging out in the PetCo in Knightdale, on Hwy 64 just north of I-540, looking for love. Not only can you visit him there, but they can process the adoption for you and as he’s neutered he can go home with you right away.

Feelin’ Fine

Foster momma says if I’m feeling so good as to be jumping up on the bed and running around the house with my foster sister, Ruby, then I’m well enough to be telling the world about myself.

I don’t know – I think foster momma kind of covered a lot of it in her previous posts …

Milton (a.k.a. Flint #80000)

I’ve had many names, some of them not very nice, but the good ones were Rusty, Flint, and now Milton – at least I think my name is Milton. I’m not sure ’cause they keep calling me Knucklehead.

I’m a Black and Tan (hey, maybe my name should be Guinness) Rottie mix. I’m a little over a year old and I weigh about 60 +/- pounds. Oh, I only have three legs.

Milton 80000_20121105_7868No need for pity. I’ve been feeling better and better every day. I like to run in the yard when they let me out to do my business – yes, I’m what you would call “housetrained.” I throw myself onto the couch for naps and jump into bed with momma and papa for good snuggly sleep.

Foster momma is working with me on something she calls “clicker training” – she had this thing in her hand and it made a REALLY scary noise. The first night momma had to reach behind the chair to give me the bits of hot dogs every time she made that noise, but tonight – our third night of training – she made the noise right at my nose and I just waited for my little piece of cheese. She says it’s all about getting me walking on a leash. I’m not sure what that’s all about and right now I don’t think I’m too interested; life is good as it is.

Milton 80000_20121105_7860

Well, life is almost as good as it gets. I love being here and I know they love me, but I’m starting to think it would be cool to have a furever family of my very own – a nice yard to run and play in, someone who cuddles with me all the time, and someone who understands that life here in the South is about taking things slow.

I know I just introduced myself and it’s probably a little early to ask, but are you that person? Email foster momma at afureverfamily@yahoo.com today and she’ll set up a play date for us.

Who’s got a clean bill of health?

Mr. “I’m Healthy as a Horse” Bubba Rex (a.k.a. Dexter #66007)

Oh, yeah, baby – it’s me!

Foster Momma dropped me off at the WCAC this morning, where doctor Jen gave me another soothing bath. Dr. Jen was doing a happy dance and when I asked her why she said I was mange free. Best of all, no more medicine on my dinner plate. Foster Momma said she’d still give me a scoop of Alpo with dinner just ‘cause she loves me and thinks I need to gain a bit more weight.

Foster Momma asked the nice vets to neuter me the first time I passed my mange test (you have to pass it two months in a row to be considered cured). That happened three weeks ago – so – so that means that as soon as my furever family and I meet we can start being a family immediately. Well, as soon as we go to the WCAC and take care of the paper work.

Foster Momma gets all teary eyed when we talk about it, but that’s okay ‘cause I know she really wants me to find my family.

She said I should probably talk to you all about my perfect home …

    • I need somebody who is strong and confident to lead me and give me guidelines to live by.
    • I would love a couch and bed to sleep next to you.
    • I need someone who loves to go on walks or runs or hikes in the woods.
    • I would LOVE a fenced in yard to run and zoom and play catch in.
    • And it would be just too cool if I had a dog buddy (or two) to play in that yard with and teach me all about doggy manners.
    • Momma says no cats, as I find them just a little too interesting (if you know what I mean). She also says that small kids would probably not be a good idea as I need to learn to play properly first.
    • I need an unending supply of treats and Kongs filled with peanut butter and frozen bananas.

Foster Momma just looked over my shoulder and said she thought my list was getting kind of long – she did say “perfect” family. Quite frankly, I’m a dog and all I really need is good food, regular vet visits and lots of love and I’ll be so happy I’ll just about bust.

Ready world – here I am! Email foster momma at afureverfamily@yahoo.com right now to set up a play date and see if we’re meant to be together. I know we are.

Boxing, Wrestling, and Tug-o-War

Rex’s More Physical Playtime Favorites

More than the point on the top of his head, it’s our observation that all exuberant greetings and play involves Rex throwing those front paws up in the air and at you. We’re working on it and he’s good with strangers and guests, but sometimes the excited puppy just bursts out and paws start flying.

Bubba Rex (a.k.a. Dexter #66007)

He can also be a noisy boy when he’s in his rough and tumble boy mode. His deep bark is accompanied by a rumbly growl that to those who don’t know him might give the impression he wants to tear somebody apart. He doesn’t. It’s all play. I’m not completely sure why I know this, but I do. Is it instinct or does it have to do with a million little pieces of information (body language, eye contact, tone, etc.) coming from Rex? I wish I could pinpoint them so that I could point them out to Charlie. He trusts me that I know what I’m doing, but I know the noises Rex makes concern him sometimes. And in this respect Rex is stereotypically all boy … at least stereotypically human boy – rough and tumble, loud, looking to mix it up just for the fun of it and to burn off some energy.

Run that energy off Bubba Rex, run it off!

Rex and I have epic tug games. I prefer tug as I find there is less chance of me getting bopped or nipped accidentally. Plus, I’m pretty strong for a girl and even when he puts his feet on my chest for leverage I still win. With him feeling better and being more comfortable in our little pack, we have to go back and work on not starting a rowdy game if Foster Momma or Pop says no. As I mentioned in a previous post, I think a good part of this comes about when the walks are insufficient and he’s bored.

Tired or Bored???

I’m very proud of him for settling down quickly when he’s accidentally grabbed my arm or I’ve told him to “settle.” Recently I’ve also been ending our wrestling/tag games by hugging him in close to me. Again, I’m very proud of him for immediately understanding that the game is over — he pretty patiently waits for me to release him.

Settled and waiting ... for Pop to throw the ball!

I know we still have to work on toning this down. I also know it has to do with my energy and the consistency with which we do this. Of course this week consistency is right out the door as the electricians started rewiring the house on Monday – strangers and furniture being moved and rearranged daily – and last night Rex decided to help Foster Pop pull up the some of the old carpeting in the office. Gonna have to keep an eye on him as he will probably try to be an over achiever in that role.

Is that my furever family I hear calling my name?