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For your consideration

Milton is an amazing dog who has made great strides in recovery after his right front leg was removed just three weeks ago.

Milton (WCAC ID: 80000)

He’s a total sweetheart who likes nothing more than to hang out with you on the couch soaking up all your love and attention. He has a cheerful attitude and even when he’s wrestling or nudging you for more affection he’s very gentle.

But that doesn’t mean he’s baggage-free from his time on the street. We’re starting to work on these things but it’s going to take time, training, and patience.

This week we’re going to start his leash training. We have gotten him to accept the lead in the front yard, which is a good thing as we don’t have a fenced in yard. Still, Milton runs from you if you try to go to him with the “hook” – you have to sit down on the front porch couch and call him over to you for affection – then when he’s close enough you hook his collar. At that point he’s good to go and scampers out the door into the yard where he does his business and makes sure to mark wherever Ruby has gone.

And putting a leash on him is even worse. To begin with he doesn’t want to come near you if he sees it in your hand – and once you hook his collar he “pancakes” (lays completely belly flat on the floor with legs spread and head down) with the most pitiful of looks. Once in a while you can get him to move a few steps with some coaxing, but most times even treats won’t work and you just have to pick him up and carry him to where you need him to be.

My plan is to take an old leash that Bubba Rex chewed through and just let Milton walk around the house with it on while getting lots of high value treats like cooked chicken. We’ll slowly work our way to me touching the leash, to holding it, to giving it a little tug in the direction I want him to go. Wish us luck!

As much as he wants human affection, he still has a distrust of us as “bringers of pain.” If he hurts himself in the proximity of a person, he associates that pain with that person and runs away. He gets over it quickly but it tugs at your heart to see this beautiful boy hide from a sharp word or the like.

So, if you want to give this beautiful guy the furever family he so richly deserves and you have the patience to work on these little confidence things, then email me now at afureverfamily@yahoo.com.