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And Here It Is – 2017

Yep, yep, yep – the new year has come. I look at all that I let fall to the wayside last year. I look at the political landscape and the world in general. My response to both is “Oh my!” and not in the cool George Takei way. But we stand tall, shoulders straight, and we step forward to do what each of us can to make this world a better place.


Lost and discarded pets fill my Facebook news feed and I turn my attention back to where my education and advocacy began – the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC). I need to get back to my roots – taking pictures of pups to replace their crazy scared intake photos. Be sure and check back to see the sweeties looking for their furever homes in 2017.


In the meantime, let’s take a look at a couple of long timers who are looking for their perfect family.

Lady Bell* (113184)

Lady Bell
Lady Bell

Yes, she’s chilling out in a great foster home, but she’s been in the system since June 2015 and she really just wants a family to call her very own. Lady Bell is no slouch and is looking for a home where she’ll get lots of training and exercise. Her foster momma says some of Lady Bell’s favorite things are “playing with other dogs, running, wrestling with other dogs, playing in the water, belly rubs, treats and chew toys.” Here are few pics of her enjoying life.



She does need a house rather than an apartment, and a good fence as she loves to jump. Also, small children and feisty cats are not a good match for her active, curious ways. So, if you’re looking for someone to do things with – agility, walks, runs, dock diving – contact Lady Bell’s foster momma at wcacfoster@outlook.com.


Junior* (124955)


Being a Staffy fan, I just can’t resist this face. Junior is a 4-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier who has been in the shelter system since November 2015. He’s currently in foster care getting lots of love and heartworm treatment.

He has what I consider classic Pittie traits, loves lots of human attention and just being a couch potato until you bring out his tennis ball or dinner bowl. He can be shy, so he needs slow proper introductions with both humans and dogs and would probably do best in a quiet home.

Email the shelter to talk with her foster family and get all the great details.

Remember, when you’re looking for that new family member, check out your local rescues and shelters. The WCAC is open seven days a week from noon until 6 PM. You can start your search by checking out the gallery here https://pets.wakegov.com/.

*click on a pup’s name to go straight to their page on the WCAC website


WCAC ID: 85589

Marcy (ID: 85589)
Marcy (ID: 85589)

I’m told that Marcy is not a Pit Bull so why would I post her during Pit Bull Awareness Month? I say most mixes have a smidge of a Pittie look and after being in the shelter system since March of 2013, sweet Marcy deserve every break she can get!

“Hi everyone, my name is Marcy and I am an awesome dog. At least that’s what my foster mom says. I’ve been with the shelter for a long time and not really sure why.

“I’m a fun girl, loyal, listen well, am focused and attentive, take treats nicely, crate trained, house trained, not destructive, good on a leash and play nice with other dogs who respect my boundaries. Isn’t that the kind of stuff that people look for in a dog?

“The only thing I’m not really fond of is kids. I prefer an adult home where I can chill and relax with you after a nice walk. Have a fenced yard? Even better. I like hanging out on the deck in the sun in my foster home almost as much as I like running around with my foster brother.”

If you are interested in meeting Marcy to see if you’d be a good match, please contact her foster mom at wcacfoster@outlook.com.

The WCAC is always full of great animals looking for their furever homes. They are located at 820 Beacon Lake Drive and open daily from noon to 6:00 p.m. You can also check out the adoption gallery to look for your new love.


WCAC ID: 100993

Yep, another Landfill Dogs pup who we just can’t understand why since last March she has been in the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) system.

A letter from Ms. Adrian herself …

“Well hello there, my name is Adrian and I want to give you a few great reason as to why you should adopt me TODAY!

“Reason number one, I am adorable! I mean how could you resist this sweet face?

“Reason number two, I know SIT and walk fairly well on a leash!

“Now reason number three is, I am very treat-motivated, so teaching me tricks for me to show off to all your friends should be fun and fairly easy. And I can guarantee you I will look good doing them!

“Have I convinced you yet? Wonderful! So how about we get out of here and I can continue to give you all the great reasons why I make the perfect pet at home TODAY! My adoption fee includes my spay surgery, vaccinations, microchip, and more. I’ll meet you at the car!

“Admirably, Adrian”

Adrian (WCAC ID: 100993)
Adrian (WCAC ID: 100993)

Adrian is a pretty Am Staff girl who is a little over five and a half years old. Email afureverfamily@yahoo.com today to learn more about her or to set up a meet and greet with her foster family.

The WCAC is always full of great animals looking for their furever homes. They are located at 820 Beacon Lake Drive and open daily from noon to 6:00 p.m. You can also check out the adoption gallery to look for your new love.


WCAC ID: 97507

Are you looking for a young debonair Am Staff who is going to devote himself to you? AND he’s a red-head!

“Hi, it’s Chandler. Catch me if you can! No worries because I will make it easy for you; I will run and jump right into your arms!

“I’ve been searching for a family who give me the love and affection all shelter pups like me yearn for. I am a sweet guy looking to break out the kennel and break right into your heart and home! I KNOW SIT and I AM GOOD ON A LEASH.

“Are you looking for your right-hand man? (wink-wink) Contact my foster momma at alicia.cox@campbowwow.com if you want to know more about my marvelous self!”

To learn more about adopting from the Wake County Animal Center check out the website and the adoption gallery. They are open from noon to 6:00 p.m. daily.


WCAC ID: 73418.

Hi, Tic Tac the cat here. Mamma has good intentions of posting a Pittie every day of this Pit Bull Awareness Month …

She missed yesterday afternoon so I thought I would help her out and post this girl Boots this morning. Boots is a female Am Staff who is a little over three years old. I let her tell you about herself. Oh, and she is one of Mary Shannon Johnstone’s Landfill Dogs!

“Hi! My name is Boots because I look like I have white boots on my feet. I am 2 years old and longing for a forever family. I have been in the same foster home since I was a little puppy so my mommy knows me really well. Mom says I am a sweet, loving dog who would do anything for a treat. I LOVE to snuggle up on your lap and especially to give kisses.

“My mom thinks the PERFECT home for me would be one where:

  1. I am the only dog, or at least the biggest dog. I am rather choosy about what dogs I allow around my people.
  2. I could be a running partner. I love to run.
  3. I could be around people. I love people! Mom thinks older children would be best.

“Mom thinks I ought to mention that I am crate trained and though I prefer to be out and about, will rest quietly in my crate while you are gone or asleep at night. I don’t chase cats. Inside, I bark only when I am concerned about what is going on. I’m in good shape, am up to date on all my vaccines, already spayed and ready to go home with you. I even do well riding in the car! Could you please give me a chance?”

If you’d like to know more about Boots or to schedule a meet and greet, please email afureverfamily@yahoo.com.

Boots (WCAC ID: 73418)
It’s never too early to put in your Christmas wish!

To learn more about adopting from the Wake County Animal Center check out the website and the adoption gallery. They are open from noon to 6:00 p.m. daily.


Mary Puppins

WCAC ID: 94437

Mary Puppins (WCAC ID: 94437)
Mary Puppins (WCAC ID: 94437)

Mary Puppins is about to celebrate her one year anniversary in the shelter system. Luckily she’ll be celebrating with her foster family, but it’s her heart’s desire not to celebrate it at all. Hint. Hint.

Mary is a grey and white Am Staff who is almost five years old and weighs about 60 lbs. I think she would like to tell you all about herself.

“’Ello! My foster parents say there is only one word to describe me: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Even though I have been waiting a while for my forever home, don’t let that worry you. I’ve just been patiently waiting for the perfect family. Is that you!?

“I am a SUPER SWEET girl with a nice MEDIUM ENERGY. I’ve heard my foster parents say that I am “PRACTICALLY PERFECT” on a LEASH. It only took them a couple days to train me how to walk right beside them. I love long walks and even enjoy jogging too! I am a fast learner and I know SIT, LAY DOWN, and LEAVE IT on command and I am already HOUSEBROKEN and CRATE TRAINED. Sometimes my foster parents leave me out in their guest room though, and I have yet to bother any of their stuff.

“I thrive in a household that challenges me with proper rules and boundaries and am looking for my new pack leader. I really enjoy interacting with people and am FRIENDLY to everyone I meet. I am even GOOD WITH KIDS and very patient with them. Some of my favorite activities to do with people are play tug, go for car rides, play tag in the back yard, and cuddle up for a nice butt scratch.

“I would do best as the only dog in a home, as I am still working on proper etiquette when interacting with other dogs. However, I am making great progress in my training and I usually walk by other dogs with little to no correction.

“No cats either please, I am way too interested!

Mary Puppins (WCAC ID: 94437)
Mary Puppins (WCAC ID: 94437)

“If you want to hear even MORE wonderful things about me OR would like to meet me in person, please email my foster mum at megsmith838@gmail.com. Everyday day could be a ‘Jolly Holiday’ with me!”


WCAC ID: 91444

Roman (WCAC ID: 91444)
Roman (WCAC ID: 91444)

Roman is Charo’s favorite playmate and with him being such a handsome boy you can’t blame her. He is a brown Am Staff who is a little over two years old and has been in the shelter system since late August, 2013! I think we’ll let Roman speak for himself.

“I am a friendly, handsome boy who loves to run and play. I love playing with other dogs too, especially the ladies. My foster sister, Charo, is so much fun!! We have a blast romping around the yard together. I am okay with my foster mom’s lazy, dog-avoiding kitty while being supervised, but not sure how I’d be with cats that hiss, swat or get sassy with me.

“I know SIT and my foster mom is teaching me to walk calmly on my leash. She says I’m doing very well when it’s just us, but still need work on walking in public. (I admit I just can’t help myself. I get so happy and want to say hi to everyone.) I will do just about anything for a piece of hotdog or cheese, so that’s what she’s using to train me. After a good play session where I get all my happy out, I enjoy settling down for a good rope toy as I drape myself over my foster mom’s legs.

“I’m used to being in a crate while nobody is home and haven’t had any accidents in the house. I don’t do well in the kennel environment, so if you want to meet me or have questions, please email my foster at wcacfoster@outlook.com. I am already neutered, microchipped, UTD on vaccinations and ready for my forever home.”

Be sure to check out the video of Roman and Charo having a BLAST!