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All About the Dogs

I’ve been contemplating how to mark National Dog Day today. I could tell you – or is it retell? – the story of spending the first half of my life terrified of dogs and how these days my life is all about dogs.

I thought about making a gallery of all the dogs that have graced these posts.

But that would go on and on and on and on …

Mostly I just want to share with you the dogs that have and do fill my life. These guys and gals can make me crazy, but I can’t imagine life without them. Heck, I don’t much know how I can vacation without them.

Happy National Dog Day!

So, don’t forget head down to your local animal shelter this weekend and find yourself a new best friend – preferably a dog. Wake County Animal Center is open every day from noon to 6 PM.


I’m done with why. Why did this animal end up at the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC)? Why did their owner surrender this sweetheart? I’m done with it because the stories/reasons/excuses are either going to tear out my heart or make me want to punch someone in the throat.

Monday night I spent a little time with each of these darlings – falling in love with each.

Gladys (136850) – she gave me the Ruby look so I had to take her picture. She’s got a deposit – woo hoo! She’s super skinny and despite having just arrived that day she was all wiggles. She wasn’t looking for pets, just someone to be with her – and get a bite – and sit next to you – and get a drink – and come back to sit next to me.

Socks (136504) – a distinguished gentleman of 13 years looking to be your one and only fur baby.

Nesquick (136588) – a cute little girl just two years old looking for fun in all the best places.

Oh, my, gosh, Scrappy (136601) broke my heart when she pressed herself in the corner and would not come out. She’d gone from living in a back yard with her doggy sister to being alone in this weird smelling, loud place. She’s become a volunteer fav and is coming out of her shell.

UPDATE: Scrappy has gone to rescue!

Dusty (136527) – a lady of 13 years. Won’t you make her life whole again with a fureverfamily?

Sebastian (136855) – too much of a gorgeous boy to be a stray.

And Clinton (136390) is just your typical happy gentle-treat-taking Pittie. And such a handsome boy!

Okay, I will ask “Why?” Why are you still looking at these pics and not on your way to the WCAC to meet your new best friend?

Clyde Davis

WCAC ID: 106689

Happy Halloween! Sweet Clyde Davis has a lobster love for you and he wants you to know that he’s worth it.

Clyde Davis (WCAC ID: 106689)
Clyde Davis (WCAC ID: 106689)

Clyde is almost three years old and has been in the shelter since July. He’s a beautiful black and white American Staffordshire Terrier.

“I am a fun, out-going guy looking for a great family to give me a great life! I’m a guy who loves to go on walks and because I AM GOOD ON LEASH, we can go on lots of them in a park or around the lake. I like to play in a yard so let’s have fun as you teach me how to fetch! I KNOW SIT and because I am treat-motivated, I’m sure to learn more! I APPEAR HOUSETRAINED TOO! If you are looking for a good boy who’s just looking to give love and get love back and make a family very happy, then I’m your boy!”

Clyde Davis is a volunteer favorite. Stop by the WCAC today and visit him. I’m sure they’ll be someone there to tell you even more great stuff about this sweet sweet boy.

The WCAC is always full of great animals looking for their furever homes. They are located at 820 Beacon Lake Drive and open daily from noon to 6:00 p.m. You can also check out the adoption gallery to look for your new love.