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Happy (belated) Pit Bull Appreciation Day

I’m a list/process queen. I use project management software to keep my personal life organized and I’m composing this post in my notebook where I keep shorter lists to remind me of my daily tasks. Why do I do all this? Because if I don’t, I get it in my head that National Pit Bull Awareness Day is October 28th when it’s really October 25th. D’oh!

I hope you have all celebrated appropriately. I am spending the day on the couch with my own sweet Pibble.

I also need to catch you up on a few available pups at the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC), as I did miss a couple of days during this month of Pibbles.


WCAC ID: 105253

Tiger was surrendered in late June with her harness embedded in her skin, which caused her skin to get infected. She’s about two years old and still is full of puppiness. Her foster family is teaching her all sorts of cool things like playing appropriately with her foster fur family, good leash manners, and crate training.

“With the good life in my sights, we should meet up because I am spayed and ready to go home with you today!!!”


WCAC ID: 105673

This little Am Staff is only eight months old and came in with a horrible case of Demodex. Look at the amazing progress she’s made with her foster family in the last 114 days.


WCAC ID: 106628

She’s a beautiful blue and white Am Staff who is a shy “little” thing at two years old and 80 lbs.

She walks well on a leash and will give you a little nudge for affection. She loves the solace of sitting in the grass with you and being petted.


WCAC ID: 106648

This sweet little Am Staff has something to say.

“Hi there! Welcome to my world! My name is Katie and as you can see I’m a fairly small brindle female and I’ve been told that I’m cute as a button! I’m already 2 years old so I won’t get any bigger either. My Foster parents love me because I’m small and super friendly.

“I’m typically quiet in my kennel and wait patiently to go out for my daily walks. I am heart-worn positive and will need treatment when adopted, but my heart is as big as they come. I want nothing more than to lay in your lap and soak up all the loving you can dish out.

“I am a dream on a leash and am great with my foster brother and my kitten sister , but proper introductions to new animals are a must, as with any dog. I am a LOVE BUG! I consider myself to be happy-go-lucky as I’m easy going and get along with most everyone. I love being around people and can’t wait to be adopted by a nice family. Please visit me today and see how loving I am!

“Lots of love – Katie”

The WCAC is always full of great animals looking for their furever homes. They are located at 820 Beacon Lake Drive and open daily from noon to 6:00 p.m. You can also check out the adoption gallery to look for your new love.


And no, we’re not talking about the month …

WCAC ID: 60405

“Hi I am November (#60405), a 3 year old spayed love bug, and I am in a foster home waiting for my forever family.

November (WCAC ID: 60405)
November (WCAC ID: 60405)

“I live with a 2 and 3 year old, and boy do I love them! They give great belly rubs and lots of treats, which I like. And that will also be a good thing for training me – and while I don’t want to brag, I am already house trained (I sit at the door when I want to go out), crate trained, sleep quietly through the night, know sit, lie down, we’re working on drop it – and I don’t get on furniture unless I am asked. I also am pretty good on a leash once I get all my sniffing out (which is a vital part of any dog walk – there’s all that pee-mail they have to check).

“I listen very well to gentle corrections, so I think you’ll find it easy to help me learn how to be the perfect dog for you! I am very attentive to my people, love my daily walks and just hanging around with the family. I’ve also enjoyed walks in the park with other dogs, but slow introductions with new dogs are always important.

“My foster family thinks I’m pretty great, and bets you will think so too!

“Love bug November, signing off for now – until you come meet me and maybe find I’m the right new dog for your family! Contact my foster family directly at wakecofostermom@gmail.com

The WCAC is always full of great animals looking for their furever homes. They are located at 820 Beacon Lake Drive and open daily from noon to 6:00 p.m. You can also check out the adoption gallery to look for your new love.


WCAC ID: 104547

Royce (WCAC ID: 104547)
Royce (WCAC ID: 104547)

Hi! My name is Royce because my foster mom says I am the Rolls Royce of puppies!

I am sweet to every person and dog I meet during the day, and in the evenings I love to snuggle up to watch a little TV. You may have noticed the cute way my tongue hangs out. I have to admit, I can’t pull it in all of the way, so most of the time the tip sticks out to the right just a touch. My foster mom says it adds to my cuteness.

I also have to admit that I have heartworms, but at my young age, they are probably not very severe. My foster mom says you will need to talk to your vet about treatment options if you decide I am the puppy for your family.

If you would like to meet me, please contact my foster mom at wakecountygreatdogs1@gmail.com.

The WCAC is always full of great animals looking for their furever homes. They are located at 820 Beacon Lake Drive and open daily from noon to 6:00 p.m. You can also check out the adoption gallery to look for your new love.


WCAC ID: 90561

Charo (WCAC ID: 90561)
Charo (WCAC ID: 90561)

Charo is a young female Hound mix with a very high energy level who loves attention. You might just say she’s an “attention hound” – ha, ha, ha! She’s a little over two years old, which explains all that energy, and is a lovely brown and white brindle. Charo is currently in foster, but she’s been in the shelter system since early July of 2013! Her foster momma has taught her how to sit and take treats gently as well as walk with manners on the leash. She absolutely has a blast grabbing her leash to walk herself or enticing you into a game of tug-of-war. Her foster mom has spent a lot of time working with her and Charo has learned to be a good listener because she’s a good girl who is totally worth it.

Charo does very well in doggy playgroup at the shelter as long as there are no meanies – got to agree with her on that one. She and her foster brother Roman have a lot of fun together.

“I’ve even learned to share my toys with him, which is something I wasn’t very good with at first.” With Charo’s love of play and high energy level, she needs a home without small children and one that is active to help that energy.

Charo (WCAC ID: 90561)
Charo (WCAC ID: 90561)

If you have other dogs at home or have questions regarding temperament, please talk to Charo’s foster momma about compatibility and proper introduction. Her email address is wcacfoster@outlook.com.


WCAC ID: 73381

Lovey (WCAC ID: 73381)
Lovey (WCAC ID: 73381)

Lovey is a sweet girl who, at over seven years old, still loves to play and would do best in a family with another playful dog like herself. She’s currently with a wonderful foster family but has been in the shelter system since mid-June 2012! This brown and white brindle Boxer mix loves to play tug-of-war, fetch, monkey-in-the-middle, and wall-ball. (Click each game to find out more.) Once tuckered out, she’s happy to snuggle with you on the couch and watch a movie or if that’s not allowed just lie at your feet.

Lovey’s profile also says she loves people, car rides, chasing squirrels, and giving kisses. Her leash skills are good once she’s had the chance to check all the neighborhood pee-mail or if there’s a squirrel – who can blame a girl for that? Lovey is good with kids, but her exuberance and protective nature make her better suited to older kids. And despite her larger than life pics, she’s actually a perfect size at around 40 pounds.

Lovey (WCAC ID: 73381)
Lovey (WCAC ID: 73381)

Looking for love? Lovey has a ton of love to give if you give her that same love. For more information or to get in touch with her foster family, please email me at afureverfamily@yahoo.com.