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Mary Puppins

WCAC ID: 94437

Mary Puppins (WCAC ID: 94437)
Mary Puppins (WCAC ID: 94437)

Mary Puppins is about to celebrate her one year anniversary in the shelter system. Luckily she’ll be celebrating with her foster family, but it’s her heart’s desire not to celebrate it at all. Hint. Hint.

Mary is a grey and white Am Staff who is almost five years old and weighs about 60 lbs. I think she would like to tell you all about herself.

“’Ello! My foster parents say there is only one word to describe me: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Even though I have been waiting a while for my forever home, don’t let that worry you. I’ve just been patiently waiting for the perfect family. Is that you!?

“I am a SUPER SWEET girl with a nice MEDIUM ENERGY. I’ve heard my foster parents say that I am “PRACTICALLY PERFECT” on a LEASH. It only took them a couple days to train me how to walk right beside them. I love long walks and even enjoy jogging too! I am a fast learner and I know SIT, LAY DOWN, and LEAVE IT on command and I am already HOUSEBROKEN and CRATE TRAINED. Sometimes my foster parents leave me out in their guest room though, and I have yet to bother any of their stuff.

“I thrive in a household that challenges me with proper rules and boundaries and am looking for my new pack leader. I really enjoy interacting with people and am FRIENDLY to everyone I meet. I am even GOOD WITH KIDS and very patient with them. Some of my favorite activities to do with people are play tug, go for car rides, play tag in the back yard, and cuddle up for a nice butt scratch.

“I would do best as the only dog in a home, as I am still working on proper etiquette when interacting with other dogs. However, I am making great progress in my training and I usually walk by other dogs with little to no correction.

“No cats either please, I am way too interested!

Mary Puppins (WCAC ID: 94437)
Mary Puppins (WCAC ID: 94437)

“If you want to hear even MORE wonderful things about me OR would like to meet me in person, please email my foster mum at megsmith838@gmail.com. Everyday day could be a ‘Jolly Holiday’ with me!”

Are you aware October is adopt a shelter pit month?

October is really my favorite month now that I know it’s Pit Bull Awareness Month and Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

My first dog came from a puppy farm (before I really understood what that meant) ‘cause I had fallen in love with a picture of a Chow Chow puppy. Once I got to Raleigh I stared adopting shelter dogs, which has filled my life with wonderful experiences, even the tough ones. I was Labradored, fell in love with bully breeds, and found pups that needed me as much as I needed them.

These cuties are still looking for their furever homes.

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The Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) is open seven days a week from noon until 6 p.m. Stop by and find your soul mate. To meet one of these pups pictured here, go to the WCAC Adoption Gallery for a bio and contact information to get in touch with their foster parents.

National Pit Bull Awareness Day was extended to the entire month of October in 2011. It has increased the time for education and promotion of those that have touched our hearts.

Currently there are some good bully breed mixes at the WCAC that have been patiently waiting for their furever families for a very long time. We will highlight one each day in October so stop by daily.

In Defense of His Pack

Working with the likes of Christie and Robin at Teamworks Dog Training, LLC has really piqued my interest in dog behaviors, especially how they interact and communicate with each other. I admit to not knowing as much about cat behavior.

Mooseta (WCAC ID: 105003)
Mooseta (WCAC ID: 105003)

When we brought Moo Shoo home, our cat, Tic Tac, was interested but kept his distance. After just a couple of days I was able to let Moo Shoo have the run of the house. He and Tic Tac would cross each other’s paths, but not really interact with each other. A few days after that, Tic Tac started grooming Moo Shoo. First it was just a couple of licks on the head here and there and then a little more extended licking. At times, I swear Moo Shoo would look at me and roll her eyes as if to say “Really? He has to do that?” It also got to the point where the two of them would sleep next to each other.

Mooseta (105003), Tic Tac, & Ruby
Mooseta (105003), Tic Tac, & Ruby

Last night that all changed. I think I know the incident when it turned, but since then Tic Tac has been very rough with the kitten and I’ve seen him bite her a couple of different times.

I was on the phone and getting dinner ready. The dogs had been fed and Ruby was doing her normal behavior of “chasing off” Tic Tac from her eating area. Moo Shoo had stepped away from the water bowl (I think I might have been close to stepping on her) and Ruby came bouncing in to clear the kitchen. Moo Shoo does not react well to being startled by dogs and this time she went off, like really went off. I shooed Ruby off and Moo Shoo walked away. Tic Tac came to see what all the fuss was about and that seems to be the moment it changed.

If Tic Tac were a dog I’d say he took offense to the way Moo Shoo went off on Ruby, and that he was defending his pack, but I don’t know that it works with cats that way. After all, as Christie says, they are aliens, evil aliens.

Time to start learning some new behavior stuff. Years ago I happened on a hysterical book in the bookstore and had to buy it: “Hiss and Tell” by Pam Johnson-Bennett. Looking at her website and list of other books, I think I see some good reading in my future.


Pawparazzi Return

I can’t believe how long I was away. It’s also good to know being a pawparazza is like riding a bike – you never forget how.

Before we get to the great dogs I met Wednesday, I wanted to promote the Rescue PAWlooza being held at Pet Supplies Plus at 3074 Wake Forest Road, Raleigh, NC this Saturday, May 31st and Sunday, June 1st. The Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) will be there with many of there adoptable cuddle bugs as well as other rescue groups. There are also going to be some great raffles to enter. Hope to see you there.

Now for the dogs …

Cubby (WCAC ID: 103142)

Cubby is another fun loving dog. Just look at that smile. He knows sit and was a superstar during his photo shoot.

Charlie (WCAC ID: 47235)

Charlie is a WCAC alum who has found himself back at the Center through no fault of his own. His family could no longer care for him even though you can tell by the pounds he has packed on that they took good care of him while they could. He was a real sweetie and such a happy guy.

Zeus (WCAC ID: 102025)

Zeus has a lot of energy, but he was very sweet and good during his photo shoot. I’m thinking the fabulous S had taken him for a good walk that morning before I got there. He would definitely love an active furever family.

Lowery (WCAC ID: 103381)

I love Lowrey. Okay, I love all these guys, but his spotted ear, how gently he took treats and his small size made me just want to hang out and cuddle him all day.

Sasha (WCAC ID: 60851)

Sasha has such a unique look. She’s even cuter in person with all her gangly movements. She’s a WCAC alum who was on stray hold when I took this pic. She’s gone from the website so I’m thinking this sweetie’s family came for her. Hooray!

Please check out these and all the other great companion animals available for adoption through the WCAC. You can see them online by clicking here for the Adoption Gallery. Or better yet, stop by Pet Supplies Plus on Wake Forest Road in Raleigh, NC Saturday or Sunday afternoon and you may just meet one of these guys in person – and who can resist that!

Charo in the Spotlight

Charo is a lovely brindle brown and white Pittie mix who has been at the shelter since early July of this year. She’s about a year and a half old – a rambunctious pre-teen in dog years.

Charo (WCAC ID: 90561)
Charo (WCAC ID: 90561)

She is a spunky and outgoing pup who wants to be the center of everything and the life of the party. She would do great in a home that had a yard for her to romp in – note, she’s not going to be a candidate for dog parks as we’ve found her to be rather picky about her playmates in the Dogs Playing for Life play groups. But when she finds those guys she plays well with she is all in and has such a glorious time playing that you won’t be able to keep yourself from scheduling more play dates for her.

Charo will need some training – her previous life and time in the shelter has left her with some bad habits. She just needs a little etiquette training. May I suggest Teamworks Dog Training LLC – I’d love to see her in class.

Charo also had the opportunity to be one of Shannon Johnstone’s Landfill Dogs. Here are some of the great photos from Miss Charo’s private photo shoot.

Photos by Shannon Johnstone
Photos by Shannon Johnstone

Shannon tells me that Charo loves to play with toys and has a special affinity for tennis balls.

So, if you’re not afraid of a little work for the most terrific lifelong companion – stop by the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) any day of the week between noon and 6 p.m. to meet this terrific girl. You can also check out all of the available pets on the Adoption Gallery (click here).

Do you have what it takes?

There are always pets in need – you see them everywhere you turn. Within the WCAC one of the ways you can help is to become a foster family. Granted, being a foster family is a tough gig (for obvious reasons) and not for everyone, but the rewards will make your heart grow three sizes every day.

But we need to talk about a few things, like …

  • You will most likely not be fostering cute fluffy small dogs or puppies. The reason is obvious once you hear it – they are the quickest to be adopted or rescued. It’s the big dogs and pit bull types that have spent months and months of their life in the shelter that need some time in a real home.
  • Itty bitty bottle-feeder kittens are not easy to foster. They’ve usually been turned in without their momma, which may mean that she abandoned them. This happens in nature for a reason. You will lose many of them and you won’t know why. They will seem happy and healthy when you go to bed and the next morning they will pass over to the RainbowBridge in your arms.
  • Special needs animals need you. There are always sick dogs and cats at the shelter, more than there is room for, and they need someplace “bug free” to get healthy and strengthen their immune systems. They have to be taken out of the general population to minimize the impact of illness on all the other animals. Let’s face it, if you’ve ever been in a shelter you know the noise and chaos quickly wears on your nerves – but you get to leave and go home. The same is true for many of the animals that come through the WCAC – it’s too much for them and they start to shut down or act crazy in the kennel. They need the love, comfort, and stability of a home and family to make them adoptable.

These are the shelter pets who need you. Next week I’ll talk a little bit about the process of becoming a foster for the WCAC and why it’s not an instant approval type process.

If you’d like to get started on becoming a foster click here and fill out the Foster Application.

It’s a tough job, but they need you!