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Are you aware October is adopt a shelter pit month?

October is really my favorite month now that I know it’s Pit Bull Awareness Month and Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

My first dog came from a puppy farm (before I really understood what that meant) ‘cause I had fallen in love with a picture of a Chow Chow puppy. Once I got to Raleigh I stared adopting shelter dogs, which has filled my life with wonderful experiences, even the tough ones. I was Labradored, fell in love with bully breeds, and found pups that needed me as much as I needed them.

These cuties are still looking for their furever homes.

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The Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) is open seven days a week from noon until 6 p.m. Stop by and find your soul mate. To meet one of these pups pictured here, go to the WCAC Adoption Gallery for a bio and contact information to get in touch with their foster parents.

National Pit Bull Awareness Day was extended to the entire month of October in 2011. It has increased the time for education and promotion of those that have touched our hearts.

Currently there are some good bully breed mixes at the WCAC that have been patiently waiting for their furever families for a very long time. We will highlight one each day in October so stop by daily.

A Fair Trade

C bought a new lawnmower last week, so I told him I was bringing home a foster kitten. Seemed a perfectly reasonable negotiation to me.

Foster Family Photo
Foster Family Photo

Okay, so prior to this C and I had discussed that I’d like to help out with crazy kitten season at the shelter and perhaps foster a couple of bottle feeders or something else small that could be kept in the bathtub. And, well, all the bottle feeders were taken by the time I was ready, but J asked if I would take home a four-month-old kitten with a cold. Isn’t that the way of it, always just a little more than you had planned on taking on? Oh well, apparently “Mooseta” was a real love bug with a monster purr motor.

Moo-Shoo (105003)_2014-06-30 20.51.54

Yes, her official shelter name is Mooseta (WCAC ID: 105003). Apparently she was named Moose before they realized she had girl parts and some felt that she needed a feminine name. We call her Moo Shoo ‘cause I was never going to remember how to say her shelter name without getting all tongue tied.

As I sat with her that first afternoon and she licked my face, a new name became apparent: Kissy Kitty. I haven’t had that good of an exfoliation treatment in a couple of years. And with the biscuit-making and soft kitten head-butts, I came up with the brilliant idea of kitten spa treatments … after all, they have those fish that nibble on your feet for a kinky pedicure.

One drawback: a kissy kitty with a cold means you will be sneezed on, in the face. Thank goodness she can’t give her cold to me.

Also, she HATED being sequestered in the bathroom. I began to think I had been sent home with a puppy. She mewed and carried on like we were torturing her. She climbed up on the sink and then the towel bar so she could rattle the door and screamew! We finally just let her roam the house. She follows us around some, but also has that independent catitude and will be gone for long periods of time.

I have found most of her hiding places.

There will be more stories to tell, but I will stop with this little introduction for now. We are fostering her and as soon as she gets over her cold she will be available for adoption through the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC). In the meantime, check out all the great dogs, cats, rodents, etc. looking for their furever homes by clicking on this link.

Also, you too can help by becoming a WCAC foster family. Click here for more information and to fill out an application.

From Eating Crow to Lap Napping

Let’s face it: I’ve eaten a lot of crow in my life and so you think I would have learned better. I was so superior – my dogs and cats were on MY schedule; none of this demanding to be fed or getting up early on the weekends in my house.

Yep, as I sit here on my front porch waiting for my foster, Kay Kay, to finish her business, I listen to the quiet of my downtown neighborhood at 3:00 AM and think how un-superior I am with my bed-head and hubby’s robe.

Khayla (WCAC ID: 79856)
Khayla (WCAC ID: 79856)

Kay Kay’s skin issues make her super itchy right now and with Benadryl only doing its job for four hours Kay Kay starts scratching at some point in the night and I know it’s time to dose her. I have gotten smarter and pre-fill a Pill Pocket that I can keep on my nightstand and just roll over to grab instead of having to get up.

Some nights, like tonight, she starts scratching furiously and I hear her get out of bed. I try to coax her back into bed, but several minutes later I hear her bat the bedroom door with her Pittie paw. I’ve tried to wait her out in the past but her stubbornness exceeds my need to get more sleep before work tomorrow. I think my new tactic is going to be to just get up when she jumps out of bed – the scenario ends the same with hopefully a lot less lost sleep for me.

There is one aspect of this pet driven lifestyle that has led to a little ritual with Kay Kay that I quite enjoy.

Kay-Kay & Ruby Playing_20130115_8950

So even if we’ve been out at say, 3:00 AM, at about 5:30 or 5:45 all three of them, Ruby, Kay Kay, and Tic Tac, conspire to start the day. Really, Tic Tac starts it by using the underside of the bed as a scratching post, which gets Ruby bouncing around going after him – at which point all three are just restless and having wrestling matches on top of me.

Kay-Kay & Ruby Playing_20130115_8957 Kay-Kay & Ruby Playing_20130115_8960 Kay-Kay & Ruby Playing_20130115_8961

Again, it’s best just to get up. I let Ruby and Kay Kay out into the yard and as I head back into the house Tic Tac slips out on the porch for some early morning bird watching. I prepare their meds and breakfasts, and bring my CPAP machine out to the living room. They come in and get straight to work on the food while I settle into the recliner with a quilt and my mask.


And here’s the part I like – when Kay Kay finishes she runs in and throws herself in my lap – I love my early morning Kay Kay lap naps – they’re especially great on the weekends when I don’t have to be anywhere in the morning.

Khayla-79856_Droid_Photos & Videos_072407Khayla-79856_Droid_Photos & Videos_084453

So what crazy, pet demanding thing has turned into a sweet little ritual for you?

Khayla-79856_Droid_Photos & Videos_084651

Cat Dog!

Yep, we have another cat dog on our hands.

dog, pet, adoptable, shelter, pittie, sweet cuddler
Khayla (WCAC ID: 79856)

While I was showering Kay-Kay disappeared off the bed – and as I rounded the corner, this is how I found her making a bed out of a pile of clothes that foster papa had cleaned out of his closet.

dog, pet, adoptable, shelter, Pittie, sweet cuddler
Such a sweet face …
If you want this beauty to snuggle up in your laundry pile, email me at afureverfamily@yahoo.com.

Let Sleeping Dogs (and Cat) Lie

sweet little pit bull sleeping
Kay-Kay (a.k.a. Khalya – WCAC ID 79856)

There’s nothing cuter than a sleeping dog… save perhaps two, with a cat for good measure.

I’m  not sure with which foster dog it started, but I seem to have gained a habit of waking up during the night looking to see where everyone is sleeping and snapping a few picks.

sleeping sweet dog
love the way Milton’s ear is flopping

Some of them have been a real hoot – like the one in this post about our last foster, Milton. And our current little girl is such a character when she’s snuggled up against you that I just can’t resist.

dogs sleeping
Milton and Ruby zonked out

Last night I realized that we can tell how well our little foster family is getting along by the sleeping arrangements. Ruby likes her spot at the foot of the bed although I’ve noticed she has been snuggled up to my legs with someone new in the house vying for my affection. Kay-Kay is an exceptional snuggler so she’s usually pressed against my upper body or literally lying in my arms like a baby. And Tic Tac, the “No Fear” cat, will take the large open space left for himself.

sweet pit bull sleeping
how cute is this

Well, last night I woke up and reached over to pet who I assumed would be Kay-Kay, but it was much softer, even than Ruby. It was Tic Tac. Kay-Kay was at my feet, Ruby was up near the head of the bed and Tic Tac took the space between us all. Yep, my little foster family is coming together, comfortable enough to claim apparently any spot they want in the bed.

what a configuration
what a configuration

And yes, sleeping animals are the best so I’m sharing lots with you.

dog sleeping
Ruby prefers to have her head on a pillow
sweet pit bull asleep on dog bed
Kay-Kay zonked out shortly after arriving at our house
cat and dog sleeping together
how cats and dogs snuggle
snuggle with pit bull
late night snuggle with Kay-Kay
sleeping with a boo-boo
sleeping with a boo-boo
love how Milton's tongue is peeking out
love how Milton’s tongue is peeking out
she had to be in the office with me
she had to be in the office with me
darn cute
darn cute
snuggled up close to foster momma
snuggled up close to foster momma
more cuteness
more cuteness
and more
and more
okay, and just one more
okay, and just one more

If you made it this far and don’t have the urge to send me an email … well, I just don’t know about you. So, quick, email me at afureverfamil@yahoo.com before someone else snaps up this adorable little girl.












What a Wonderful Time of Year

Yes, I love the Christmas season. The lights. The decorations. All the great food. This year has been extra special as foster poppa graduated from NCSU and got a job with IBM. Woo hoo! And during all of this, Milton found his furever family. We are so tickled we can hardly stand it!

Sweet Milton
Sweet Milton

Milton had healed from his leg amputation so nicely over the weeks he was with us. The way he was running, jumping, playing, and smiling made us realize that parting with him when he got adopted was gonna make us cry. Although we loved, and still miss, all our foster dogs, we always knew that we were not their perfect furever home. Yes, there is Ruby and if we are going to continue fostering she will remain our only permanent doggy family member although Milton could have easily joined our family.

Milton's frog impression
Milton’s frog impression

We met MB at a Wake Animal Advocates Group (WAAG) adoption event in Knightdale and we knew this was Milton’s perfect match when he rolled over and asked for a belly rub from her shortly after they first met. We’re also excited for Milton about the big back yard he’ll have to run in with his new four-footed brother and sister. We can hardly wait to see all the photos from MB, but in the meantime we’ve relished the updates she has sent us.

He’s doing just great and couldn’t be happier.

Now, do we bring home a new foster immediately or let Ruby revel in being the center of attention in her first Christmas with her furever family?