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Letters to Sookie and Her Family

A Letter to Sookie

You are a fabulous girl and although you weren’t destined to be our “failed foster” we are going to miss you bunches. Remember that you are always welcome to visit and will always have a home here with us should you ever need it – I know you won’t need it, though, ‘cause I saw your new mom do the happy dance on the way back to the car.

You’ve been a very brave girl with all the recent changes in your life – keep up the good work.

Sookie – a family of her very own.

A Letter to Sookie’s New Mom & Dad

It will take a little time before you see the joyous expressions of Sookie, but I know that you’ll someday catch her sacked out in her dog bed with all four paws in the air and her head hanging backwards off the edge.

She may take a bit to eat her food. She adapted quite quickly with us to keep the cat from getting any of her kibble. She does seem to do a little “resource guarding” where food/treats are considered with other pets – just something to keep in mind and watch when she spend time with other family members’ pets. Side note: like all dogs she has a thing for “catbox treats.”

From her previous family I’ve heard that she like to jump on the little boy, knock him down and try to lick him to death. We’ve not seen an inkling of a jumping habit.

She got along very well with our cat – and by getting along I mean putting up with all kinds of abuse from our Tic Tac. Her former family did tell me that his best friend was a Mastiff. I’ve seen her around a couple of dogs in public and she hasn’t reacted to them – a good sign. I don’t think I’d take her to a dog park as her timid nature might cause her to be bullied.

In her previous life she spent the day outdoors so we’ve been working with her on going on leash and lead. She seems to want some privacy in terms of distance so she’ll put it off ‘til she just can’t hold it any longer, which means we’ve had a few accidents in the house. She is currently scared to go outside after dark which has led me to gently pull on her leash with lots of verbal encouragement. I find I even need to lead her off the sidewalk into the grass.

I just know you guys will have a wonderful future together of long walks and couch cuddling good times.

Is that our car? Are we going to go home? Come on, dad, let’s go!
Update: This afternoon just before we came to the Center her personality really started to show – I’m so excited for you (and jealous) ’cause she really is a fabulous dog.