It Comes Down to the Shoes

The other night after I had responded to a potential adopter’s email, I thought about all the cute and wonderful things I should have said about Rex. You see I’m not a good “salesperson” – unless you’re the customer that is – I’m more likely to be completely honest about all the cons than focus only on the pros.

So, I decided that I would make this next post about all the great things about Rex.

Until I got home last night and found that he had destroyed the   right   shoe   of   my   very   best   black   pumps!

Gone is the cute little pleated ruffle and what is that shiny button?

They were perfect. They fit great, had a nice heel yet were still comfortable, looked professional yet had just the right amount of femininity. And worse yet, they don’t make them anymore!

In Rex’s defense he is known to have an affinity for shoes and I have a tendency for kicking off my shoes – mostly when I walk in the door – and leaving them where they land. I have started picking up my shoes. Sometimes I don’t put them up properly, though, and Rex will come strolling through the house with one in his mouth – which gets taken away with a “not yours” and then I give him an appropriate chew toy. And I’ve started keeping the bedroom door closed tight so he doesn’t have access to shoes not properly put up.

And so it happened, at some point during the day the door was not shut tight and Rex got bored and he found my best pair of black pumps.

In the words of Pooh, “Oh, bother.”

It could be worse, he could be chewing on everything and anything in the house. Mostly I’m bummed that I’m not able to find exact replacements for these shoes.

Any advice on controlling chewing would be great!

Bubba Rex (a.k.a. Dexter 66007) is available for adoption through the Wake County Animal Center. For more information, or to arrange a meet and greet, email Foster Momma Suze at 

UPDATE: Thanks to Zappos! potential replacements should arrive tomorrow.

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