That is NOT the sound of a cat racing through the house to escape his new collar.

That IS the sound of the world’s quickest failed foster experience.

It may have taken Charlie 24 hours to admit  out loud that Tic Tac belonged with us furever, but it was probably closer to four hours (or was it four minutes?) for Charlie’s heart to be completely captured by this wonderful guy.

Tic Tac (TT) Foote

My hand in this was talking Charlie into fostering a cat before I brought home our next foster dog. He joined me at the shelter Friday afternoon and after getting lots of suggestions (mainly everyone telling us to take Tic Tac home) we headed to the cat rooms to see if there was a candidate that we were drawn to foster.

Anastasia (71976) is a chatter and kept trying to get Charlie’s attention. She’s a cutie, but A pulled Tic Tac out of his kennel and put him into Charlie’s arms. He began to purr and arch his head back to get more affection from Charlie. Anastasia’s chattering kept pulling Charlie in (he likes talkative cats), but A and I kept petitioning for Tic Tac; for me it was about TT being a black cat. “Why?” you ask? A lot of my work clothes are black – but for everyone else it was about TT having been in the shelter since March.

I signed the foster paperwork. J pulled Tic Tac from the floor and gathered together cat care supplies. Just like that we were on our way home with our first foster cat.

Tic Tac is a black domestic short hair with beautiful green-gold eyes. He’s three years old and although lanky is solidly built. He is brave and friendly. He came right out of the cat carrier when we opened it up in the dining room and started exploring the house. He likes to have his head and neck rubbed and will give you a head butt to get that affection. Actually, his head butts are one of the funniest things he does – it’s unlike any cat head butt I’ve experienced. He will actually smash his forehead into the middle of your face and just hold it there. Loud noises like metal pizza pans crashing to the kitchen floor do not send him running – it also struck me as I gathered up the grocery bags yesterday as I was used to Spice streaking from the room any time you rustled a plastic bag. It took no time at all for him to lounge between Charlie and me whether we were on the couch or in different rooms. He is definitely Charlie’s cat as when we’re hanging out on the couch Tic Tac is cuddled up next to Charlie – I’m so jealous! Although at night, TT curls up at the foot of the bed leaning against my legs.

So, Tuesday when I go to the shelter to put up some foster fliers I will bring back the cat carrier and do the adoption paperwork. It was about 24 hours after bringing Tic Tac home that Charlie admitted out loud that he wanted us to be TT’s furever family. I think it was closer to an hour after we brought him home that his heart had made the decision.

Was it a kitty mindmeld?

Don’t tell, but I’m pretty keen on Tic Tac myself – I’ll have to tell you all about his “doggeh” traits next time and maybe by then we’ll have a new foster dog too.

In the meantime, June is Adopt a Shelter Cat month. Adopt a kitten 5 months old or younger and get another kitten for free – two kittens for just a $45 adoption fee. Adopting a cat older than 5 months and in need of spay or neuter surgery is just $30 – a 33% savings. And adopt an older previously altered cat for just $10. Click here (http://services.wakegov.com/adoptiongallery/) to find your new furever family member.

2 thoughts on “Whoosh!

  1. Tic Tac! I always thought he and Sweetsie Britches would be a good fit, like yin and yang, if both yin and yang were tons of friendly energy. I’ll not miss him slapping me in the head while I try to clean his downstairs neighbor’s cage. Congratulations! And thanks!

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