The call of a lonely heart


I’ve been sans foster dog since the end of May which has been good for rebooting, fostering – no, that would be adopting a cat, and dog-sitting this jewel. Having Princess Smushy Face in the house has really pulled at my heart strings about wanting a dog.

Princess is in foster with J through the American Bulldog Rescue. She has been a perfect house guest despite numerous “attacks” by Tic Tac. She was even so kind as to not laugh in Tic Tac’s face when he wiped out on the slick hardwood floor as he came at her sideways. I’ll be sure and post a full story with pictures before she goes home Monday night.

I really want to bring another dog home soon, but my mind has been full of concerns about being capable of helping my next foster and not stressing Charlie. Let’s face it, once Bubba Rex started feeling better he was high energy and “full of beans” as they say. It kind of traumatized Charlie; you see, he’s more of a cat person. Charlie’s had been worrying me about our upcoming house guest for the last couple of weeks and now talks about how grateful he is that she is so laid back.

Meanwhile a few of the dogs at the shelter that could use a foster home have some behavioral issues – nothing major but it does make me wonder if I can help them. Bubba Rex needed regular medicine, regular meals, a plethora of treats and love – lots and lots of love. Do I know how to help a frightened pup? Do I know what to do with food based aggression? And can I recognize the level of help they need?

How do I help them and keep my home a happy one?

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