Peace Street Momma Cat

A couple of weeks ago J and I were heading home from the hockey game when we saw a calico cat in the middle of a dark street. Something was really wrong – she was sitting upright and moving but she didn’t dart out of sight like you’d expect. We turned around and went back for her. We wrapped in my winter coat and took her to the closest emergency vet.

How do I tell you about listening to her labored breathing and the way my heart dropped when I couldn’t hear her anymore? Or about seeing how her lower jaw had been torn away? Her anxiety and fear and pain?

J filled out the Good Samaritan paperwork and the tech took momma cat to the back. We don’t know for sure how it all played out, but this is what we can say.

  • Momma cat was well fed with a nice coat – she was more than likely someone’s pet.
  • She wasn’t wearing a collar.
  • The first thing the vet techs did after sedating momma cat would be to scan her for a microchip.
  • If there was no microchip, no owner to call, then she was euthanized.

This is not how I would like to end my first street rescue story, but the great outdoors has its risks, which brings me to why I wrote about this (with J’s encouragement).

Know that this is a very real scenario when you have an indoor/outdoor pet. Your name needs to be not only around their neck, but also attached to a microchip record. It can save their life or give you closure. Every cat or dog adopted from the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC) is microchipped. With spring also come rabies and microchip clinics run by the WCAC. Click here to check the schedule and location to get your pet vaccinated and chipped.

Spring is Kitten Season

Itty, itty, bitty kittens have started to come in to the WCAC on a daily basis. If you missed the fabulous Kitten Shower put together a couple of weeks ago by A (see pics), you can still help by clicking here for their Amazon Wish List of kitten kit items.

Long Timer Spotlight

Today I’d like to step outside of my normal pattern and talk about Ktulu. He’s an eight-year-old cat looking for his furever home. We’re told that in his previous life he lived with other cats and dogs. They also said he was quiet, shy, friendly, and independent.

Ktulu (WCAC ID: 99804)
Ktulu (WCAC ID: 99804)

I asked A what she knew of him and although she didn’t get a chance to spend much time with him she said he seemed sweet, laid back, and had a goofy face.

He’s currently at the Knightdale Petco location (click for directions) so be sure to stop in and visit this beautiful boy.


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