WCAC ID: 97507

Are you looking for a young debonair Am Staff who is going to devote himself to you? AND he’s a red-head!

“Hi, it’s Chandler. Catch me if you can! No worries because I will make it easy for you; I will run and jump right into your arms!

“I’ve been searching for a family who give me the love and affection all shelter pups like me yearn for. I am a sweet guy looking to break out the kennel and break right into your heart and home! I KNOW SIT and I AM GOOD ON A LEASH.

“Are you looking for your right-hand man? (wink-wink) Contact my foster momma at if you want to know more about my marvelous self!”

To learn more about adopting from the Wake County Animal Center check out the website and the adoption gallery. They are open from noon to 6:00 p.m. daily.

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