It’s a Life, Not a Gift

The season of giving gifts is in full swing and although animal advocates talk a lot about how Christmas is not the time to impetuously give a puppy or kitten as a gift, it is a message that rings true all year long.

I’ve seen it time and again as a volunteer at the Wake County Animal Center (WCAC). All of us at the WCAC dread February and March when all the puppies and kittens adopted at Christmas show back up as an “unruly teenagers.” Marco will always stand out to me as the tragic story of so many “gifts.”

Here he is as a puppy that I photographed. Sweet, full of energy, your typical young Pittie pup. Months later he was surrendered back to the WCAC. He grew up. He got big. He had so much energy and was so bored in his kennel that he didn’t show well to prospective adopters. Volunteers and staff worked with him, but it was obvious that no one had worked with him as he grew. I watched his frustration grow and I watched him descend into kennel madness. Finally, he was a danger to the public and was humanely euthanized. He didn’t deserve that, but he was failed by humans who didn’t think and put into a puppy what is needed.

Also, realize, even the chillest older dog needs attention, activity, and affection from his pack. You are part of his pack.

That being said, if you are looking for your next canine companion, here are a few I’ve gotten to photograph the last couple of weeks.

You can learn more about these sweeties by going to the WCAC Adoption Gallery web page and looking up their ID number. You’ll find out all the particulars and some insights in their bios.

The WCAC is open seven days a week from noon to 6:00 PM. Stop by and see who you connect with.

1 thought on “It’s a Life, Not a Gift

  1. Great message (along with great pictures.)
    We recently had a dog adopted out of our shelter which was to be a surprise to the kids. Guess how fast that dog came back. 1 day.

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